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I’ve grown as a person, but I still feel the same. I know more and I’ve experience more, but I still feel alone. I have some friends and I have family, but there’s an important piece missing still. I’m still single and still stuck in that place I’ve been forever. I’m the type who was searching for true love even when I was little. But the longer I live I can see that it’s not that simple. What I’m looking for is somewhat simple, but the finding part is the hard part. I’ve tried so many things, more than most people it feels like, and yet I’m still nowhere near finding that person for me. I sometimes find someone but then I have to wait, then that waiting leads to me hoping for something that’ll never come. I need someone who’ll try as hard as I do and want me as much as I want them. I need someone who’s similar to me, so it’ll be a stronger bond. I don’t want to date someone just to not be alone. I want to find that connection that’s clear from the start and be long-lasting.

Younger people tend to not know what they want and then older people tend to be blinded by money or some other irrelevant thing. Everyone seems to want this ‘perfect’ person who’s always happy, energetic, positive person. They need constant entertainment and popularity. All of that just feels fake though. It’s just putting on a mask, hiding who you are, and ignoring reality. That is why it’s so hard to connect with people. Because they’re focused on this superficial thing, that somehow having tons of money and popularity and being around happy people will make them a better person. What happened to caring about genuine and unique personalities? They’re out there, some visible, some hidden. I’m not saying that I’ll like everyone or everyone will like me (and so on with everyone else…). It’s just sad to see so much go to waste. That’s why I’m always true to myself and I’m hoping that I’ll meet others who’ll be willing to do the same. So I’m just going to open up and say tons of things about myself now to show that.

My personality type is a mix between INFJ and ISFJ. I have anxiety and depression which is slowly getting better (off and on) but it’s still there. I live in Vancouver, WA (USA). I’m 24 and single. Straight. ~5’ 6½”. I’m an omnivore. I do not drink alcohol, smoke, or anything like that. I dislike tattoos and most piercings. I’m an atheist. I keep to myself a lot, but also talk a lot to a select few. I'm open and like people who are also. I prefer to do something simple (stay inside, go for walk, spend time with family/special someone) rather than partying or being in large groups or crowds. I prefer one-on-one conversation over group conversation (unless it's a small group I'm comfortable with). My sense of smell and hearing are somewhat sensitive (also, me. Haha). I LOVE hugs more than anything. I’m very affectionate (mainly expressed just in a relationship). I’m good at helping people, when possible. I’m good with kids, even though they tire me out quickly. Haha. 

I like photography, hiking (in moderation), board games (have a lot of them), and computers. I like comedy, action, and sci-fi type movies (or similar, along with some others…). Shows I like: The Office (All time fave), Doctor Who, Dexter, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, HIMYM, Gilmore Girls, Chuck (want to watch this again), and a lot of others. I like Indie music mostly, but like some pop and rock.
That's all I can think of right now...

Even though I haven't made a new video recently, here's some personal videos about various topics I made.…

I just feel like if people were more open about themselves, then it’d be easier to find like-minded people. It's hard to do in person with everyone, so here I am giving it a try. If you feel like you’re kind of similar to me (or know someone similar), around my age (+/- 6 or so years), and live somewhat nearby or at least in the US, then feel free to message me, note me, or whatever. Short message or long. There’s literally nothing to lose. Feel free to ask me anything also. 

If after reading this you feel like you’re totally different then I am (which is probably likely), but still feel alone. Then try to express it in your own journal, showing who you are to the world. Make it a little bit easier for like-minded people to find you. 

Final side note: Thank you everyone for the continued support. I appreciate every single thing (even if I don’t express that well). Even though I doubt people who ‘watch’ me actually check out my artwork anymore, I currently have 1,111 watchers. Which I like the number 11, so double that is even better. ;D So thanks! And thanks for reading my long random journals. Hugs to you all and I hope everyone has a great week!

As you know, I sometimes show a little bit of myself in random journals sometimes. But I thought I'd switch it up and try something new (and crazy). Thanks to my friend for pushing me towards making these, I started a Youtube channel talking about random stuff. Mostly about my life, or life in general... sometimes adding quotes here and there. Mostly personal stuff and not art related. Not sure how many videos I'll make, but if you're interested in getting to know me as a person a little more, there they are to watch!…

Journal time! I’m going talk a little about what I’m passionate about: Love! I don’t know all about it, nobody does because there’s no set definition, but I feel like I know more than most from what I’ve seen and experienced with people. So I’ll share a couple thoughts of mine on the subject.

Some see it, feel it, believe it, or just avoid it all together. What is love?
Love is not just desire, not just lust, and not infatuation. Love is seeing the beauty in the person in a raw form. When you feel at peace without the distraction of a motive. Finding that special someone is kind of a puzzle in itself. To get to that point you need to solve the puzzle of the self. Many people don't even know who they are for most of their whole life. To put it briefly; you have to know yourself and learn who you are as a person before you’re ready to be with someone else. Which I don't think most people realize. They follow the path of society instead of taking their own path to discovering themselves.
People get distracted with the physical part of relationships before they even know themselves or the person that they’re with. Sex is part of love. But sex alone is just physical and becomes just a routine source of comfort without love. People who think that it’s the same don't know what love is. They like the feeling of intimacy but don't truly experience it without the true love part of it. You can’t ‘make love’ if you don’t even know what love is in the first place. 

Quoting Jiddu Krishnamurti: “When you have understood feeling completely, not partially, when you have really understood the totality of feeling, then you will know what love is. When you can see the beauty of a tree, when you can see the beauty of a smile, when you can see the sun setting behind the walls of your town, see totally, then you will know what love is.”

And… “Love is intelligence. And intelligence means sensitivity, to be sensitive to the situation. And the situation, if you are sensitive, will tell you what to do. But if you are insensitive, if you are already determined what to do, if you are hurt by what you have done, then insensitive action takes place.”

Love is being corrupted by the immature and the careless without a clue of what it truly means. Love is not just pleasure. Love is not a habit. Love is total absence of the ego, aggressions, and greed in oneself.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing, like most make it seem. Being alone gives you time to discover yourself and to find that true love later on. Once you realize that, waiting to discover that love won’t be as hard. Yes, it'll still suck, we're still human after all. Haha. But you’ll know that when you do find it with someone who sees it the same way, it’ll be that much better.
That is what I believe. That one day, all of that time discovering myself will turn into something great and I’ll get to share that and grow with someone I’ll truly love. Until that day comes, I’ll know that I’m going on the right path.

I’ll leave a couple other quotes here that I also like:

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” ― Bruce Lee

“I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” ― Oscar Wilde

Take care, everyone! =)
~ Brandon

Pano 20151122 124648 by brandojones
Pic that I took back in November (Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge).

#love #quotes #life #alone #single #notalone #future #pathoflife #hope 
Last weekend I went on a hike to Dog Mountain (Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Washington State side). I went with my dad and brother. Of course the main parking lot was packed with people on the nice sunny day. So we had to park a half mile away and walk along a road. Which sounds easy in theory, but there was a rock cliff on one side and cars passing by constantly so we had to be careful. 
The full hike was about 7 miles long with a 2,800 elevation gain to the top. Basically uphill the whole way. And if that wasn't enough, there was poison oak on the sides and people passing by most of the way. Fun fun ;P The trail was mostly rocky so it was slippery on the way back down. And we also saw a rattle snake (yes, it was rattling its tail) a couple feet off the trail. I didn't want to risk taking a picture of that though. Sorry ;P Hah. 
All in all, it was a nice hike with great views at the top and throughout. It was still difficult though of course, also considering I don't go on many long hikes to start with. I'm crazy like that. ;)

Anyway... I didn't want to submit tons of pictures again individually, so I'm putting them all on here again. Feel free to message me if you want the full size for wallpapers or something else. 

In other news... I'm working on a woodburning of a sunflower which should be completed soon!

I don't think it's possible to embed a Flickr slideshow on here, so here's the link to all of the photos (use right arrow key to view quicker):…

Thank you all for your continued support! =D

Dog Mountain

Life update (mostly not art related)

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 5:44 PM

Life update for anyone who’s curious about ‘me’. I haven’t really been active that much lately on here. I don’t know what happened. I used to talk to more people on here awhile back but I think I got more antisocial again or something. Oops. Winter didn’t help much either. I’m trying to gain more in-person friends, but that isn’t improving much since I still have only one besides my family.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to make in-person friends. I think I’d define myself as a friendly introvert. I’m fine around people but I usually keep to myself and listen more than I talk. I’m usually more towards the shy side too. I don’t want just ‘any’ kind of friends. So I tend to be pickier also. I know that it’s entirely my fault. I could find people that I'd get along with if I tried hard enough. Once people actually know me, then it’s easier. Since I get along with most people. The ‘getting to know you’ phase is always the hard part though. And don't get me wrong, I know that I can't get along with everyone and some friendships just fade over time.

Now for some bad news… my uncle died last week instantly after having a heart attack. He was only 48 years old. He was a great guy. He worked for Intel for almost 20 of those years, which was also the reason I was familiar with computers at an early age. My older brother has more of that knowledge though. Hah.

My uncle was planning for a huge Christmas light display for next year already. He was aiming for around 45,000+ lights all programmed to go along with music. Which he already had most of it ordered already. And yes, he was planning this all on his own. I was looking forward to help him with it, but never really got the chance to and now I never will. I was finally getting more close to him.
He was also in the process of making a huge koi pond (which now probably won’t ever be finished). Around 6 ft deep and 15ft long and 10 ft wide (I’m estimating could be bigger). With a glass viewing window. So he definitely knew how to go all out, as you can tell. He knew a lot of people and he cared and was there for everyone. Paintball groups, koi (fish) club, people from Intel, geocaching groups, roller coaster clubs, people from his neighborhood, and others. He did so much and died way too young. He will be greatly missed.

So with his passing, I’ve been thinking about my life. What I've done so far and what I'll do in the remaining years. Yes, I may be good at woodburning, but besides that I have no idea what I’m doing or am going to do. Life is a mystery. It can lead anywhere really. I mostly just go with the flow and give my time to care about others. But currently I have only one friend, I’m single and living with my parents, haven’t gone to college (which I'm mentioning that because it feels like everyone looks down on me for, which is ridiculous if they do), and I have no idea what I’ll do next. 

Now about woodburning…. As you probably noticed, I haven’t been doing that much recently. I haven’t gotten many orders lately, along with not really having the inspiration and motivation for new pieces. And there’s also tons of other things on my mind. Not sure what I’m doing with this either. So basically my whole life is still up in the air. A lot of people would probably say the same about themselves, so I guess that makes me yet another one. But besides all of the 'up in the air' things, the bad news, and everything else; I'm still doing alright considering everything going on. I'm lucky to have a great family. I don't know what I'd do without them. I just wish they could be around forever. 

This is kind of a useless journal, but I rarely talk on here so I thought I’d share a little. Even if it’s not upbeat and all that (sorry).

Anyway… on a more happy note: To those who don’t know, I’m an uncle now (well...for a while now). My niece is going to be 1 year old next month (and she’s so dang cute!). And my other sister is having a baby boy next month too. =)

I also may be getting my uncle’s speed boat. It’s an older one, but it’s in good condition. It’ll be fun if we can get it running and out on the water this summer! We’ll see… Not sure yet.

I hope everyone else is doing well! Hugs to everyone! :glomp:

And to add a little more to this journal, here's some pictures from my hike on March 7th (Then right when we got back from the hike we heard the news about my uncle).

Silver Falls State Park (located in Oregon).
Click for original size
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
My niece:
Untitled by brandojones
Most of my family (brother, dad, bro-in-law, sister, and mom).
Untitled by brandojonesUntitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojonesUntitled by brandojones

This past weekend I went over to John Day which is located in Eastern Oregon. First couple of pictures were taken on the way there. After that we went to the hills, fossil grounds, and the 'painted hills' around there and baked during a couple of hikes. Yet again, I didn't want to post a lot of pictures separately but I still wanted to share and thought this would be easier for me and you all. So here's some pictures. Hope you like them! ;) 
On a side note: Nope, I haven't been working on woodburning much lately. Haven't gotten many orders lately for some reason and haven't really felt up to doing any pieces of my own. I've had a simple design (yet tricky with woodburning) that I've been working on off and on for a month or two now that's still incomplete. Oops. =P 
Garden update: Harvested some carrots, a couple of zuchini (more coming), and snap peas. Cucumbers and corn are going to be ready pretty soon with a lot of tomatoes coming right after that probably. 

Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
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Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
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Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
I felt like giving a little update since I haven't in quite a while. First off, FIREWORKS! Most of you are probably sick of them by now, but I still wanted to share so I'll update all on here instead of spamming you with each one separately. The video was taken in my old neighborhood where they have a BIG (So many people!) block party with tons of fireworks (and a DJ of course). Which also happens to be on my birthday (WIN!). In the video is just the finale and you can see 'some' of the people. A lot more people were behind me. At least 300 total I'm guessing. Too many to count though so who knows. =P 

Now for the pictures. The pictures were taken in another neighborhood that I randomly found on the 4th. Lucky me because there was 2 different people within a block that were both setting off a great show. Plus others around also. 

Below the fireworks pictures are pictures of my garden! Yes, I made a garden. First time ever making one with no prior experience or knowledge. I just kinda winged it. ;) Me and my dad built the greenhouse (also kinda winged it ;)) So far it's doing great! I got 10 pounds of red potatoes which I didn't even leave in there that long. A lot of snap peas and at least 8 big bowls of lettuce. The other plants that are still growing are: Corn, brussels sprouts, carrots, tomatoes (normal and cherry tomatoes), zucchini, spaghetti squash, cucumber, broccoli, and celery. I also have a couple of blueberry plants on the other side of the yard which I planted this year that already produced a couple handfuls of berries (pretty good for small plants). 

Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones
Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

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Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Untitled by brandojones

Older pictures of my garden: 
A dear friend of mine on DeviantArt passed away. ForestDwellerHouses :iconforestdwellerhouses: 
I didn't know him very well and we didn't talk much, but he helped me out early on. I went to wish him a happy birthday but instead I was (very) late to read the bad news. John passed away in his sleep on December 21st. I don't often cry, but I did a lot after the reality sunk in. A couple of hours later and I'm still a little shaken. I didn't know that I could be this sad over someone I've never met in person and only barely knew. That goes to show that just a little bit goes a long way and he tried his best to make everyone feel loved and put his heart into his art. Life is short, but he made the best of it. He was a great, funny, and very talented guy. He will truly be missed. Rest in peace, John. :hug:

I didn't make this journal for sympathy or anything like that and I'm sorry to bring this bad news to you too. But I had to do something so I wanted to honor him somehow and share his woodworking with all of you if you haven't seen it before. I hope that it'll give you some inspiration. I can't pick any favorites since I like all of his work, so let me just link to his gallery: forestdwellerhouses.deviantart…

The person who ordered a woodburning from me sent me a video giving their mom and sister the gift. That was their first reactions of seeing the woodburning for the first time. 
Made my day that's for sure! :iconhappytearsplz: I had to share! (and yes, I got permission to share this video)
Here's the woodburning that's in this video:…
Here's the video:

I've been thinking a lot lately (which if you know me, it’s usually bad ;P). So, I'll share my thoughts since why not! I’m thinking that I should stop doing commissions. And also not do as many other pieces either. Unless I change my mind of course. I have one more order to finish then a possible order from my uncle. After that, if I go along with my plan, I will stop doing orders and only do them on special occasions. I might take some time and work a little here and there on my own pieces which seem to be more popular anyway. Like my Clint Eastwood piece. I like working on my own time without the stress of satisfying anyone else. I usually don’t care what anyone else thinks, but when I do a commission I have to. I haven’t had any problems at all, but it’s still stressful. It probably doesn't look like I do much since all you see is a picture and a fast-motion video, but it’s far more complex and more things going on in the background that you can’t see. I hope people know that. If anyone still wants to order something then I ‘may’ make an exception. It depends and I’ll need time also though. My current prices are currently on my website (, but I may remove/change that in the upcoming weeks ahead.

I've been doing woodburning for 2 years and 1 month total so far. I've got a lot out of it, learned a lot, and got to know a lot of great people that I wouldn't have if I didn't. At the same time, I’m almost in the same place as where I started [[~ heck, I’ll say it all: I still have barely any money, still feel the same as I did before, I’m still single, still no in-person friends besides family (actually, I kinda had some before), I don’t get outside as much as I used to, and probably some other things I left out ~]]. I thought I’d get more out of this, but I guess not. I know that it hasn't been that long, but still. With all of that said, I feel like I have nothing else to gain from moving in this direction that I've been going. Not sure what else to say. :shrug: (FYI, I've been thinking all of this for a while now not just right this second/day/week)

So… what to expect if I do go along with this (after my current orders I have to finish): Less woodburnings made by me. Possibly more expensive or maybe none at all. Maybe even more detailed pieces if I take more time. Maybe just a long break. We’ll see. 

So far this month I've made 6 woodburnings. I've posted only 4 of those though. One of the two will be posted next week. The other one I just finished and won't be allowed to post it due to the customer wanting to keep it to themselves. That one was a 16 inch x 12 inch portrait on basswood (I think the biggest portrait yet!). Anyway, I finished that in two days since the person who ordered wanted it fast. I spent almost 11 hours one day of burning and 5 or so hours the following day. I don't like doing that... =P
Then I have two more coming up. A herd of elephants (halfway done with that) and a portrait (not sure if I'll be able to post that or not). That's what I have so far at least. So much woodburning! :faint:

Also, I've made a couple of real-time videos of my woodburning. A little older, but they work. ;P Both about 30 minutes (fyi, there's no sound on them). Here's the miniature portrait: That's a softer kind of wood which doesn't hold as much detail and burns faster. And no, I don't use any magnification for working on those (yet at least!). Then here's one clip from the 'Daryl Dixton' piece I made. Just doing some soft/smooth shading:
So now you can see how slow woodburning is (spoiler: SLOW). That doesn't show the different pressures (of the pen tip on the wood), temperatures, and techniques I use, but it shows a little bit more at least. Also, if you haven't found it already here's a link to all of my woodburning videos that I've made so far (mostly fast-motion):…

I think that sums up everything. If you want to know anything else (yes...ANYTHING =0) then feel free to ask. Comment or note. Thank you all again for watching me through this crazy woodburning adventure! I still haven't given up yet! ;P It was only 2 years ago when I was just starting out... time flies! I still appreciate every comment and favorite that I receive (even if I get super behind sometimes). So thanks again! :love:

Hope you all have a great Christmas/holiday! (and Christmas/winter break if you get one). :snowflake: :santa: :snowflake: :glomp:

Here's my 'costume' that I shoved together in a minute. ;P Nope, it's not supposed to be anyone. Just being myself. ;D

Orange walls coming in handy and my glasses fit over the mask. Score! 
The other day my Clint Eastwood woodburning made it to the front page of AND reaching over 337,000 views and 1,100+ Favorites total so far. Making it my most popular piece thus far. Unexpected to say the least. Thank you for all of the support and kind comments! If I could thank you each individually, I would (trying my best though!). Thank you all and welcome new watchers! =D =D

New Business Cards!

Thu Sep 19, 2013, 5:10 PM

Here's a picture of my new business cards. =D Designed mostly by my great and talented friend, Isia. Found here: :iconeskarine:

Art Show Tonight

Fri Sep 13, 2013, 3:20 PM


Another happy customer! It went well! Here's a picture of the new owner of my Leopard woodburning. She didn't even plan on buying any artwork, but it "took her by surprise" =D


I'll be displaying 4 of my woodburnings at the "The PANCAKES & BOOZE Art Show" tonight. First time my woodburnings will be shown in public. Thought I'd start with something crazy, so... here we go! I doubt anyone that follows me is from the Portland area (and this is totally last second), but just in case here's the info (with the flyer below). 
The show is at 8PM-2AM ~ Friday, SEPTEMBER 13th, 2013
Urban Studio - 935 NW Davis Street, Portland, Oregon 97209
$5 to enter.

And yes, my woodburnings will be for sale there. So wish me luck (please)! =)

Leopard - woodburning by brandojones  Owl - woodburning by brandojones
Golden Eagle - Woodburning by brandojones  Arya Stark - Game of Thrones - Woodburning by brandojones
Side note: I usually don't go to downtown Portland and I don't like driving, so my dad was nice enough to go with me to drop off my artwork. I'm glad he did because...well... let's just say driving in downtown Portland feels like this gif. :giggle: 

(Austin Powers if you didn't know ;P)

Flyer for the show: 

My mini woodburnings are now for sale. $12.50 + postage for the pieces in the picture or custom made from another picture of your choosing. Made to order. This type of wood for that price. (shown in the pictures below)
Can be used as bookmarks, keychains, necklaces, etc...
About 1.25 inches x 2.25 inches. All woodburned by me.

I still take commissions for my normal sized woodburnings also. For more info on that go to my website:

My Email:

On a side note: If you have an idea/picture of something you want me to make, feel free to leave a comment or note me. I may or may not use it. Depending if I want to or not. But I always like suggestions. =)
Please world, make these two singers famous:
More from them:…
Seriously... there is way too much crap out there while people like this are barely noticed. So my favor: Spread the word about these two. Or just people like this in general. People who have pure talent and/or do good in this world and deserve to be noticed.

So for my share, I'm going to do a little feature/thank you for 'some' of those people who I think deserve to be noticed. Not just as artist, but for who they are and what they do also. (no specific order and sorry if I didn't list you, it doesn't mean you're not great too! =D).

:iconeskarine:   :iconquirkybrainiac:   :iconmidestini:   :iconthebritishgeek:   :iconinkyness:  
:iconispeakmuzik:  :iconemammay:    :iconsagefillyluna:  :icondustywallpaper:  :iconjoanna-vu:

Yeah, I made that... ;P


Thu May 2, 2013, 3:02 PM

:iconfawnmaiden: recently had a giveaway and I was the first to comment so I won a free print of this great watercolor painting of hers. It looks even better printed out in person! I just wanted to thank you with this feature. =D Everyone check out her page!

So... for the first time on here, I'm actually going to use this 'journal' feature on this site as an actual journal. Because apparently some people do that. I thought I'd try for once! This journal is NOT woodburning related either (maybe soon in another journal though). So if you follow me for my woodburning or photography and you don't care about anything else, then you probably won't want to read any farther. ;) This is my ranting/complaining/thoughts that I have. First half was written very late at night while I wasn't feeling too great. So, I didn't submit this journal as art because it isn't. It's just... this. I'm not the greatest writer either and I don't talk about what I'm thinking often, so don't be too hard on me. ;P haha.

Sometimes I feel like I keep trying, but can't connect with others. I'm alone with my thoughts. I am incomplete. Feeling as if I hit a brick wall that I'm surrounded in. Nowhere to go. Want to, but can't. People on top, mostly ignoring my struggle. Some helping, but not reaching me. Others rooting for me yet that doesn't help me. Misunderstood. Not even I will understand myself. Who am I? I'm nice and kind (or at least I think I am), but that gets me nowhere unfortunately. Where the people opposite of me rule the world. I am alone forever, still trying to reach for more. Trying yet getting nowhere. Living in this box. Why do I keep trying? In hopes to get out of my failure which I've created. Although, haven't I been here from the start? If only I could see my future to see if my hopes will come true. If not, why would I want to suffer any longer? What is that worth? Suffering is relative. It depends on the person. I look weak compared to others, but I don't know how far I can continue. With my false hope always leading to disappointment in the end. Am I really alive to start with if I'm not actually 'living'? Who will be the one to save me from myself? If that's even possible.

The people closest to me are online only. The disconnect between online and in person destroys the idea of the internet bringing people closer together. It may bring minds together, but the reality of life is nonexistent. It's just not the same.
There is only a few people out there that are bad, but they ruin the trust of everyone. A small amount of people will ever trust others that they have met only online. They would trust them more and/or completely if they had a physical presence. But that will not happen easily since they don't trust anyone. So you're stuck there. Like there are now two separate realities. Trust is part of normal life too, I know. If you aren't close to someone or know them, then you don't trust them. Some people don't even give others a chance though. Especially online. Not everyone online is a liar, just like in person.
There are many things that are wrong with society today and that will always continue. Here's one of them for instance. Laws and changes in laws are good for some, but bad for others. You can't win. The views people have seem to keep changing all of the time and laws are based off of that. So the majority thinks that it's not okay for something, then a law is based off of that. The minority who believes the opposite then has to put up with it. Laws change lives. The way they want to live is now not okay for others. So they have to either change or be frowned upon by others and possibly turned into criminals even though they're really not.
What happened to the kind, caring, fun, togetherness part of life? Everyone nowadays seems to just keep to themselves and working like machines. What happened to the 'living' part of life? Maybe I'm just living in the nonexistent past. I'm introverted and shy (need a better word) also, so it makes it even worse for me.

Anyway... that's that. Done with my blabber. We'll see who reads. ;P Fyi, this was not directed towards anyone or any group of people. It was just my thoughts overall. I'm not thinking all of that all the time either. So don't go crazy on me. :lmao: Sometimes I write too much. At least I feel like it. haha.

I also wanted to share a few pictures that I liked. Both related to art. I think you'll get my point. haha =P No offense to anyone. No worries!

Photo is from here:…

Hi everyone. I thought I'd make a journal saying what I use and how I make my wood burnings. Since I get asked about it every once in a while...
Pictures below
First, here's the tool I use: a Nibsburner box and a pyrography pen made by Detail Master . I had some pens made by Nibsburner, but they didn't work for me at all (they melted). So I have the Detail Master pen hooked up to it now using an adapter. I have 6 different tips. Overall, I mostly only use the smaller rounded ones though (depending on the project). I use basswood mainly for my wood burnings.

Here's the steps I go through:
-- Sand the wood to make it as smooth as possible.
-- Draw the outlines and details onto the wood with either carbon paper and/or pencil.
-- I start with the outlines first usually. If there is none, I either start on the more detailed parts or the darker areas.
-- Shade. For a light shading, I use the rounded tips (size depending on how detailed). I use a lower temperature and usually move it in a circular motion to make it even.
-- For darker shading, I use a higher temperature and move my hand a lot faster in a circular motion.
-- When I'm done with a burning, I spray it with sealer to keep the look of it lasting (picture below).
-- After using the tips for a while, I also file and buffer them to get the residue off that build up on them.

Other than that, it's all practice. That's the best I can do to explain it. Hopefully that helps a little.
For those who haven't seen, I have a few fast-motion videos of me wood burning also.…

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. =)

I'd also like to thank everyone who watches me, supports me, and shares my work on here. I appreciate all the help I can get. =D

(click for bigger pictures)