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United States

My email for commissions: (more info on my website listed below)

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I live in Vancouver, WA (USA)

:facebook: My Facebook Page :house: My Etsy Shop :pc: My Website :dalogo: Pyrography Gallery

I’ve grown as a person, but I still feel the same. I know more and I’ve experience more, but I still feel alone. I have some friends and I have family, but there’s an important piece missing still. I’m still single and still stuck in that place I’ve been forever. I’m the type who was searching for true love even when I was little. But the longer I live I can see that it’s not that simple. What I’m looking for is somewhat simple, but the finding part is the hard part. I’ve tried so many things, more than most people it feels like, and yet I’m still nowhere near finding that person for me. I sometimes find someone but then I have to wait, then that waiting leads to me hoping for something that’ll never come. I need someone who’ll try as hard as I do and want me as much as I want them. I need someone who’s similar to me, so it’ll be a stronger bond. I don’t want to date someone just to not be alone. I want to find that connection that’s clear from the start and be long-lasting.

Younger people tend to not know what they want and then older people tend to be blinded by money or some other irrelevant thing. Everyone seems to want this ‘perfect’ person who’s always happy, energetic, positive person. They need constant entertainment and popularity. All of that just feels fake though. It’s just putting on a mask, hiding who you are, and ignoring reality. That is why it’s so hard to connect with people. Because they’re focused on this superficial thing, that somehow having tons of money and popularity and being around happy people will make them a better person. What happened to caring about genuine and unique personalities? They’re out there, some visible, some hidden. I’m not saying that I’ll like everyone or everyone will like me (and so on with everyone else…). It’s just sad to see so much go to waste. That’s why I’m always true to myself and I’m hoping that I’ll meet others who’ll be willing to do the same. So I’m just going to open up and say tons of things about myself now to show that.

My personality type is a mix between INFJ and ISFJ. I have anxiety and depression which is slowly getting better (off and on) but it’s still there. I live in Vancouver, WA (USA). I’m 24 and single. Straight. ~5’ 6½”. I’m an omnivore. I do not drink alcohol, smoke, or anything like that. I dislike tattoos and most piercings. I’m an atheist. I keep to myself a lot, but also talk a lot to a select few. I'm open and like people who are also. I prefer to do something simple (stay inside, go for walk, spend time with family/special someone) rather than partying or being in large groups or crowds. I prefer one-on-one conversation over group conversation (unless it's a small group I'm comfortable with). My sense of smell and hearing are somewhat sensitive (also, me. Haha). I LOVE hugs more than anything. I’m very affectionate (mainly expressed just in a relationship). I’m good at helping people, when possible. I’m good with kids, even though they tire me out quickly. Haha. 

I like photography, hiking (in moderation), board games (have a lot of them), and computers. I like comedy, action, and sci-fi type movies (or similar, along with some others…). Shows I like: The Office (All time fave), Doctor Who, Dexter, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, HIMYM, Gilmore Girls, Chuck (want to watch this again), and a lot of others. I like Indie music mostly, but like some pop and rock.
That's all I can think of right now...

Even though I haven't made a new video recently, here's some personal videos about various topics I made.…

I just feel like if people were more open about themselves, then it’d be easier to find like-minded people. It's hard to do in person with everyone, so here I am giving it a try. If you feel like you’re kind of similar to me (or know someone similar), around my age (+/- 6 or so years), and live somewhat nearby or at least in the US, then feel free to message me, note me, or whatever. Short message or long. There’s literally nothing to lose. Feel free to ask me anything also. 

If after reading this you feel like you’re totally different then I am (which is probably likely), but still feel alone. Then try to express it in your own journal, showing who you are to the world. Make it a little bit easier for like-minded people to find you. 

Final side note: Thank you everyone for the continued support. I appreciate every single thing (even if I don’t express that well). Even though I doubt people who ‘watch’ me actually check out my artwork anymore, I currently have 1,111 watchers. Which I like the number 11, so double that is even better. ;D So thanks! And thanks for reading my long random journals. Hugs to you all and I hope everyone has a great week!

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